Hi, im Steve Pierce, 

I have been working in remodeling and construction for almost my whole life( since i was 25 anyway. My background ranges from floor coverings to renovations and new home construction. I have built a reputation and business around what seems to me a trate that most contractors fall short on, quality, and customized, personalized service. I work in an areana were my skills and attention to detail are prized over my price and i like bieng able to give my clients the best crafstmanship possible. 

                                                      WHAT WE DO  

          Basement finishes                                       Kitchen remodels                                  Bathroom remodels 

      Whole house restorations                                     Additions                                                Garages 

Specialty floorcovering and tilework                      Foundation repairs                                          Decks

      Landscaping and design                                interior design services  


                                SOME OF OUR TRUSTED PARTNERS 


synergy electric                                      Wasatch Plumbing and mechanical                          Jules Painting



Obrey Drywall                                                   Buhler Landscape                        Rob Carpenter  R&J Carpet inc. 



                                         CONSTRUCTION PROCESS

Each project is different and can include any number of these steps but generally this is the basic process. 


1)   Evaluate the scope of the project and prepare were apropriate  plans/ permits/ enineerings/ solutions for  proposed work.   * your project may or maynot require any of these steps depenting on the scope and type of work. 

2)  Customer chooses finishes ie. paint colors, cabinet syles, trim syles, tile, wood, countertops etc. 

3)  Prepare time scedule and line up appropriate subcontractors.

       *Depending on the project an ititail draw for materials and/or  permits/ 

4)  Begin work

         May or may not include these general steps


Excavation/ Footings                                   Plumbing                                         Cabinetry

Foundation                                                 Electrical                                         Finish work  and interior doors

Cement flatwork,                                        Hvac                                                Painting

Framing,                                                    Sheet rock                                        Electrical finish work

Exterior doors,                                           Mud and Tape                                   Plumbing finish work

Dry in (roof exterior preparation),              Tile and hard floors                           Carpet

                               ( *Including were appropriate inspections and contruction draws.)


5)   Customer overview/ punchlist any remainign items 

6)   Prepare final invoices for payment 



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address for suppliers ( Dal, contempo, ferguson, great weastern, weber paint, Sherwin Williams, lighting design

CONTEMPO TILE AND STONE                 

          1938 Lincoln Avenue
          Ogden, UT 84403



793 Wall Ave, Ogden, UT 84404

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